Students in 8th grade geography will create their own tours of important places in the world. The following documents are self-explanatory. Find information located on the Spotlight on Geography blog.

  1. Project description -
  2. Completed place mark sample -
  3. Sample kmz file -
  4. Here is the template we will use for our GE project:
  5. Other template choices: Templates
  6. Help document designed by Alma Row
  7. Place mark settings - Naming the place mark is critical. We begin with the number which represents which period the students have geography class followed by the location followed by which of the 5 themes this place mark represents. The sample represents the theme of Place. Check mark in the box for center in view. It is easier to work with while moving around the globe to place it. The other settings will self set when you create the place point.
  8. Suggested resources, but not limited to these -
  9. Blank template. Students will use these to research and find information about their location.
  10. This sample completed template will be laminated for students to use in the computer room. It will serve as a guide to locate where the html code should be changed. Be sure to input your correct title of the 5 themes.
  11. If using images on the template, users need to learn the dimensions of the online image. This document helps students determine those sizes.
  12. Each good project needs to have a rubric. The sample of what could be used is included HERE:

FOR PETE&C February 10, 2009

5 Themes of Geography :