Biomes of the World

Teacher provided lessons and background information about biomes, what they are and where the major biomes are located around the world.
This instruction took place in the classroom.

Setting up groups:

  1. Load GoogleEarth on each computer.
  2. Students learn basics of using GoogleEarth, zoom in and out, moving around Earth and adding a placemark
  3. Load documents for students to each computer including: template for placemark, demo images and text, html file, create .kmz file directions, sample tours, and a completed placemark.
  4. Instruction in lab with creating a placemark of a local attraction, Longwood Gardens as below.Longwookplacemark.png
  5. Student research their biome information. Each group needs 2 wildlife, 2 plants, climate and basic information of biome.
  6. Students create their placemarks and put them in groups in the location of their biome.
  7. Every placemark was requied to have: logo, title, placemark image, biome information (as assignmed), longitude and latitude, two links from that placemark leading the person to more information a photo title, photo caption, photo credit (URL), and URL of the logo used with permission.
  8. All of this infomation was entered into a template of html code.
  9. Completed placemarks were grouped in one folder and sent to the teacher computer for sharing with the whole class.

Use images like this one below by searching the database in

Royal Greenwich Observatory

Image from: The Royal Greenwich Observatory, built 1676.. IRC. (2005). Retrieved March 12, 2010, from Discovery Education:

  1. Give students a paper copy of the html code with RED in the area where their information would be entered.
  2. Give students a rubric in advance.
  3. Show students what a "tour" will look like before they finish their folder of placemarks. Show them how to put the placemarks in a certain order.
  4. Put a folder of information and documents on each computer in the lab for the students to access as they need help. Include in that folder: project requiremsnts, a copy of the html template, a blank template, how to find an image size from the web instructions, project rubric, a desription of the project objectives, sample kmz files and a sample kmz tour, a blank placemark template, and a sample completed placemark.

PETE & C Presentation:

Completed kmz files