Creating Your Own Placemarks using GoogleEarth 4.3

There are 4 ways to create a placemark, but first position your location in the center of the viewing area because that is where the placemark button will be added.
  1. From the ADD menu
  2. With a key combination
  3. The Add Placemark buttonplacemark_button.png
  4. Places pane entry

After you have a blank placemark, you can name it close it and be finished. If you wish to give more detail, you may enter it while viewing the placemark. MAC-control-click on the name of the placemark to view the properties and select GET INFO. PC-right click the placemark, and choose properties from the contextual menu.

Customize your placemark icon by clicking on the icon image next to the placemark name and a whole new variety of icons will appear for your choosing. It would be recommended to keep similar icons for a tour.

The description tab is for entering information about your location. It can be by sentences or by html code if you wish to add specific items.
Style and Color allows you to change the color of your icon or text, the opacity and their sizes.
In the View tab, you can set the longitude, latitude, heading by degrees (a - would indicate facing South) and tilt of your view.
Altitude allows you to set the distance as absolute, relatve, or clamped to ground. Clamped to ground is the default.

After you have created placemarks, you can move, cut, copy and duplicate them within the folders of the Places Pane.