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Google Earth Projects at CFPMS

by Christina Brunschwyler, Meg Basilio and Robin Martin

GOOGLE EARTH 5.0 - New !! View Oceans AND

Travel around Mars


Charles F. Patton Middle School
Unionville-Chadds Ford SD
760 Unionville Rd,
Kennett Square, PA 19348

GoogleEarth Background

Where do the photos come from?
Google Earth partners with various world organizations to share and post imagery, Such as: NOAA, orbiting satellites and space shuttle missions (NASA), Image America, and many others. There are web cams from hundreds of locations including National Geographic, National Wildlife Fund, Zoos from around the world and traffic organizations.

Necessary Vocabulary

7th grade
Biomes of the World

8th Grade -
5 Themes of Geography


Upon completion of the projects, teachers can use the tours:
  • to introduce a unit of study
  • as a scavenger hunt
  • as a quiz or test on the material
  • to illustrate any of the concepts provided
  • to demonstrate how to use GoogleEarth


Geography - Meg Basilio - mbasilio@ucfsd.org
Science - Christina Brunschwyler - cbrunschwyler@ucfsd.org
Technology - Robin Martin - rmartin@ucfsd.org

Google Earth image LOGO from: http://earth.google.com/outreach/tutorial_balloon.html//